Muhammad Sarim Raza


"In my freshmen year, I applied to no other society than LES. I knew a little about entrepreneurship. All I had was a crazy passion to learn, to grow and to explore what the big fancy word meant. Even today, I am far from becoming an entrepreneur. But out of all the things LES has taught me, the most important is that entrepreneurship does not barely mean owning a start-up. It's a personality, a combination of qualities, a lifestyle. At LES we try our best to instill in our members the basics of entrepreneurship. Risk. Faith. Passion. Hard work. It's a platform to experiment your wildest ideas. It's a place where no one judges you for believing that inventing a pen which injects caffeine into your bloodstream, and calling it a Cogno pen is a good idea. And while we are believing in the craziest of ideas, we make friends stronger than blood."

Zoha Akhtar

Vice President

"When I was a Freshman, like my peers I had a dream to start something of my own before I graduate which is why I joined LES. Despite trying to do so at a number of occasions, I haven’t really stumbled upon that million dollar idea yet. But I can say with utmost confidence that it’s going to happen sometime soon, it could be tomorrow, next year or maybe even five years from now but it will happen. This is because of the people I’ve chosen myself to surround myself with. I’m happy to see that LES played a major role in making that happen. LES is what helped me in achieving my dreams." 

Shahzaib Abbasi

Public Relations Executive

"LES became a part of my LUMS life since sophomore year and it has been an amazing ride since. My experience at LES has taught me so much on an individual level that now I can’t imagine LUMS without it. There is one major thing LES taught which I would want to share with others: 'experience everything yourself without going for shortcuts'. Make LES the opportunity to foster your individual growth and trust me you’ll feel accomplished and satisfied."

General Secretary

"I still remember three years ago, I was just a confused freshman looking to start my journey at LUMS. Joining LES has been one my best decisions I took at LUMS, and since day one LES has been an integral part of my LUMS journey. Entrepreneurship is something which has always been my passion and LES provided me the platform to turn my dreams into reality. LES is not just one of the biggest student-run societies in the country but we are a family. LES has given me countless friends and memories which I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. 

Eisha Abid


Hi everyone, today I stand in front of you as the treasurer of one of the biggest societies at LUMS. However, my journey at LES has been full of ups and downs. I still remember it vividly, when I got rejected from the society in my freshman year. But for me, LES was something too important to give up on. There's another lesson which can be taken from this story, and that my friends, is the importance of hard work and dedication. I came back strong and within a year I was the Department Director of one the most important departments within the society. LES for me has been a platform and a sense of direction to turn my dreams into reality. People often ask me about the importance of working in student run societies, and I feel that these past 3 years have given me such tremendous experiences which have moulded my personality and made me what I am today. Today I couldn't imagine my life in LUMS without LES.