Our Affiliations Program

Lums Entrepreneurial Society began its Affiliations program one year ago. We collaborated with a local school and a college in Lahore

Our aims:

  • To foster leadership, business, and organizational skills among the youth.
  • Help develop the vision of growth and entrepreneurship in Pakistan and abroad
  • To ensure that maximum people with exceptional ideas are heard 
  • Provided a platform to materialize innovative projects and propositions
  • Provide access to the quality resources that our collaborators offer us to a wide range of organizations
  • Play our part in promoting the rich spirit of entrepreneurship in Pakistan

Why Affiliate with LES?

Lums Entrepreneurial Society provides a platform for all young entrepreneurs to:

  1. to showcase their talent
  2. develop the skills necessary for successful entrepreneurship

Through projects such as YLES, SOP and Entech, students have mastered a wide range of social entrepreneurship skills. The flagship event YLES held every year is attended by more than 800 participants all across Pakistan. With our extensive reach, the affiliates can benefit through promoting their cause, not only within LUMS but beyond it. Moreover, by affiliating with us, you will have access to our exceptionally talented pool of  students. We believe that such affiliations will be of immense benefit to both parties since it will help us further our mutual cause of promoting and encouraging entrepreneurship.

Our Previous Affliations

BDC (Beaconhouse Defence Campus)

Our first collaboration ever was with Beaconhouse Defence Campus, Lahore. The reason behind this affiliation being with an O/A Level school rather than with a college or university was that we wanted to target and nurture the brilliant young minds of this country since this is the stage at which it all begins. Through this, we were able to critique the unique and innovative ideas critique the unique and innovative ideas that were presented by young aspiring individuals as they took part in such an event for the very first time. Moreover, we assisted them in getting money out of potential sponsors, we provided them with qualified judges as we helped them in the general organization and logistics of the event.

Namal College Mianwali:

LES collaborated with Namal Idea Club in April 2019 for an entrepreneurial training which comprised of over 50 students. The bright students were trained for Idea Generation where they learnt to come up with not only creative but practical ideas that would aid them to be successful entrepreneurs.

Social Innovation Lab: (SIL)

This year LES collaborated with Social Innovation Lab (SIL) in order to expand its aim of social entrepreneurship. With the drastic change in our environment, we believe that it should be our top most priority to not only encourage entrepreneurship but also promote environmentally sustainable and friendly business ideas i.e our focus on social entrepreneurship and our collaboration with SIL made helped us turn our plans into actions. The SIL emphasised on regenerative and circular design principles which could be used for social entrepreneurship.


This year LES also collaborated with Nixor College, Karachi in order to foster and spread the spirit of entrepreneurship by collective efforts. It has also successfully affiliated with Nixor Skyline, a unique entrepreneurship event which involved different tasks and activities whereby the participants gained valuable business exposure and experience and were able to showcase their entrepreneurial skills.

Social Enterprise World Forum:(SEWF)​

This year LES had its first international affiliation as it joined forces with Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) in which SEWF designed the new “Social Enterprise” competition round for the 14th YLES which required them to come up with demanding case studies for the participants. Moreover, both the parties collectively availed the opportunity to elevate social enterprise as a viable and attractive model for engaging in business on the global stage as they conducted the Social Enterprise Round Table Conference. This particular partnership also helped LES learn and discover more about social enterprise and microfinance along with also presenting LES on the global stage which opened doors for future collaborations.

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