LUMS Entrepreneurial Society, commonly referred to as LES, is a business society at LUMS that aims to refine leadership, managerial, and organizational skills across the board, by providing distinguished platforms and opportunities for young entrepreneurs and leaders to manifest their ideas. Out of many projects and events LES does, it has recently collaborated with Hult Prize to shed light on the concept of social entrepreneurship.
Sponsored by Hult Business School, Hult Prize is a platform to launch startups emerging from universities across the world consisting of over 2500 staff and volunteers. These startups are for-profit but also fit the criteria of social entrepreneurship striving to create a positive impact. For nearly a decade, Hult Prize has been able to utilize $50 Million in this sector and more than a million young people have been mobilized into re imagining the future of businesses in the context of social entrepreneurship.
The main idea behind bringing Hult Prize to LUMS was its potential of social entrepreneurship. Aware of the fact that the current businesses, especially in Pakistan, need to revamp their conduct to be socially sustainable, LES is working to solve this by reaching out to aspiring young leaders and innovators within LUMS to help create a lasting and positive social impact on our society.
To do so, LES held its campus drive at LUMS which included setting up a stall where students were introduced to Hult Prize and their queries were answered. As a result, a total of 14 teams registered. Each of them had to solve a case provided by the UN and Hult Business School which introduced the students to the issue of unemployment and they had to come up with innovative, efficient and practical solutions to tackle the problem. All the teams presented in front of a panel of judges including Mariyam Mohiuddin (founder of Social Innovation Lab) and Zain Ashraf (CEO of Seed Out). The winning team, Rozgaar, presented on the idea of creating an approachable platform where the informal sector could be connected to the people looking for employment in that sector. The team has qualified for the regional and LES would like to wish them good luck.


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