Marketing & Corporate Relations

The Marketing and Corporate Relations department pioneers in developing relationships with people all over the corporate world in Pakistan through the channel of marketing. Over the past few years, we have increased the potential of the society by establishing contacts with leading companies for various CSR and business events.

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Muhammad Faizan Hafeez

External Relations and Affiliations

Everyones business is our business. Thats what we do here. From sitting with business tycoons to helping schools arrange their next big event, we are the masterminds behind External Relations and Affiliations.

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Human Resources

We are the administrative backbone which acts as a bridge between each and every member of the society. We aid in creating, implementing, managing and supervising every day activities to major high scale events.

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Finance and Registrations

Finance and Registrations at LES is responsible for smooth registration processes at YLES and numerous other events throughout the year. We accomplish this by maintaining thorough records of the relevant finances as well as those of the participating delegates.

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IT and Automations

The IT and Automations Department aids and incorporates the computerized capacity of the society by teaching tech-skills and fulfilling the requirements of the departments and projects through technological innovation along with promoting tech entrepreneurship and thus raising tech awareness.

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Promotions and Publications

We’re basically the backbone of LES! We’re the stepping stones that lead to a successful event. We’re responsible for the designing of all promotional social media content and for managing all the social media accounts. We run smooth, efficient and effective promotional campaigns all over Pakistan in order to ensure maximum participation in every societal event. For the Publications side, we publish and manage LES newsletter and entrepreneurial blogs. We’re fun, we’re amazing, we’re the best!

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The Events Department turns ideas on paper into a reality. The department is the one who is the first to arrive and the last to leave any of the LES’s event. The department works tirelessly to ensure each event is an experience of a lifetime for its participants. It makes sure that every participant leaves ours events with memories to cherish forever. The department stands for creative ideas and emotions, and it values hard work. The department takes pride in inhabiting the six characteristics which collectively abbreviates its name: Enthusiasm, Variety, Energy, Nostalgia, Team, and Simplicity.

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Operations is responsible for all the behind-the-scenes work. We are the bridge between the society and the LUMS admin. We are responsible for getting all approvals, obtaining and transporting of all the items required by the rest of the society.

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Media and Creativity

The Media and IT department is more often than not behind the camera, working on its magic. All the promotional videos, posters and flyers are produced under our department. This department is one of the most underrated yet extremely crucial part of the society. The best perk of being a member of media is that you get to stay in the front row with all the cool people.

Hamzah Iqbal
Fatima Naveed